The innovation for pigeon sport that really adds value!

The new concept

We at BRICON have always been the leading manufacturer with regard to the innovation of your pigeon sport. Just think of the overlapping antennas without dead spaces in the width, the fully automatic club master, the first clock that can register automatically online, etc ... All these progressive innovations are only a shadow of what is to come, the point where the innovation becomes a real added value for both pigeon fancier and club employee. Our aim, as a fancier, to let you enjoy your pigeon sport without having to worry about the technical side. This is the result of an idea that originated in 2016 and that has been worked hard on until today by all professionals in their own specialty. And that result, dear pigeon fancier, will bring you even more pleasure in the experience of your sport.

The Concept

A short explanation

The Cloud

The Cloud

The latest technologies are applied in the new concept. Our cloud consists of several servers ranging from the very high secure communication servers where all times and controls are stored to the internet servers where you can consult your completed and checked data. 2 new hardware devices have been built for this PAS-live cloud.

For the Pigeon Fancier

The 'plug and play' device for the enthusiast, connect to the existing BRICON antennas and it works. No more operation on the clock, no more erasing. Don't even take more to the club. Everything is done via the cloud and has a correct time to 0.05 seconds. And all this without having to provide any internet connection or laptop!

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For the club

Impressive slimming, only the device itself remains! No printer connected anymore, prints come in PDF format on the cloud but can be printed automatically. Fast basketing with automatic race selection according to calendar and can be followed live via an online screen.

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your wireless display

Wherever you are, this display works as long as you have data reception on your smartphone. And so much more than just a display ...

Apple / Android

The APP is an extension of your PAS system, you can see that the system is online, how many antennas connected, signal strength and the satellites found. You will receive an overview of the races participating by you and the pigeons arriving.

Training with the APP

All arrivals are available on the APP, including those from training and you can filter to one loft or several at the same time. You can also request the history by date.

APP Setup

The app is fully automatic, only the push notification can be switched on or off, both from training and competition.

PUSH notification

Via the app (it does not even have to be active) you will receive a message from the arrived pigeon after a few seconds.