Het Concept

De grootste evolutie in duivenland !


The how, what and why

The cloud concept may be new for the pigeon sport, but in our daily life almost all information from banks, social security, medical world is contained in one or more clouds. It goes without saying that the security here is very high, we even go a step further by accommodating the critical data and communication with our SIM card devices in a 'Private Network'. In collaboration with PROXIMUS, we can offer the same conditions throughout Europe. For the rest of the world we can use the same network only the cost can be different.

Everything is connected

Not 1 but several clouds

Our pigeon sport and more specifically the performance of our pigeons are recorded in race results. These results form an annual mass of data that sometimes becomes unclear and where part of it is also lost. By placing all data in the cloud and also connecting the different clouds, a new world opens up, nothing is lost and the correctness is also guaranteed. Add to this the administration cloud of the pigeon association, which automatically checks for mutations, correct race calendar, etc ... Even a cloud for the vets is possible so that vaccinations are automatically registered to the correct pigeons. And so one can go much further ...


Everything at your fingertips ...

The concept ensures lightning-fast processing of all live data as it unfolds. This makes data manipulation impossible and everyone is always aware of all arrivals. At the arrival of the last pigeons at the furthest distance, a accurate result can already be made.

Fully automatic

Operation? What operations?!

At BRICON we had 1 big goal in mind, the fancier should be able to use and enjoy the latest technology, but it should go without saying! And we have more than succeeded in that, you really don't have to do anything anymore. Look at the PASbox for more information ...