What is already possible in 2021? And when can you enjoy this fantastic and revolutionary new total system for our sport in your country?

KBDB - Belgium


In Belgium the new system will be used side by side with the excisting clocks in 2021. As the KBDB wants to add these new features to there own KBDB cloud (which is also build by BRICON). So for 2021 it will be a year that the PASclub will be used to basket all old (all brands) clocks and the new PASbox together but for 2021 results will be calculated still on the clocking times of the off line EC clocks. The KBDB has issude a letter stating that cloud clocking will be aloud starting from 2022 as a full usable system.

BRICON represents about 90% of the clock market in Belgium and is so the best final test ground possible for the new system to be used for thousands of arriving pigeons.

NPO - the Netherlands


In the Netherlands, the first steps were taken with the PAS system and this already in the 2019 season. The club 1850 'De Nishoek' from Zeeland was the lucky and first, and with these brave fanciers and club managers, the PAS system was perfected to clock completely cloud based in the Netherlands by 2020.

For 2021, the NPO has decided that work must first be done on the NPO cloud before fully allowing cloud clocks. The Nishoek club is allowed to continue working as before with the PAS system and 3 extra clubs in the Netherlands will be added and are allowed to basket double as in Belgium, in order to perfect the further development towards NPO cloud and automation.

Other countries


As we at BRICON are working to finalize the last step, connecting and integrating the new system to the new and upgraded clouds of the federations. It is possible for other countries to start in 2021 with a few clubs using the new system in the youngbird season.

We will imit this to a few countries in 2021.

For 2022, the official start of the PAS system! And will be availlible in multiple countries. Our goal is to have the system availlible for all our countries no later then the season 2024.

If you want your club to be included in the first wave (2022) please contact your BRICON dealer in your country or contact BRICON head office in Belgium direct.