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Your login

Your login consists of your national membership number and a password of your choice. This gives you access to your data everywhere and you must also enter it in the PAS app.

Monitor your loft

This page gives you access to your clockings, both live and via the history. You can filter per loft or multiple lofts. It is important that you can always see your number of active antennas, signal strength and satellites.

Pigeon table

With this page you can access your linking table, you can personalize it by adding individual names or descriptions. But you can also link each pigeon to a loft, which is useful for filtering. In the link table you can also find when this pigeon was last clocked, so you know when you lost a particular pigeon.

Your race calender

On this page you will find all races in which you participated or can participate. You will find your basketing and arrival lists here. You can also pre-appoint your pigeons in a very user-friendly way. By clicking on the race name you will go to the general arrivals page of your club.

Fancier / Club responsible

At the top you will find the PAS live menu for a fancier, below that of a club responsible. For the latter, extra pages and also adapted pages are provided

PAS club

Overview page, containing the paired PAS club devices and their status. Only a person responsible for your club can activate a PAS club. Here you can also go to the link table management. With the race calendar, a button will be added where you can see an overview of all basketed members and their prints.

Club - basketed members

In this overview you can see all basketed memebers for this race and their prints. As the responsible person you also have an overview of the status of their clocks (at the time of this print screen it is already December and there are only 6/13 live as a good example).

Managing the linking tables

In some countries the fancier will determine which club may manage his coupling table via his account. In the case a member is connected to 1 club this is fixed.