A PAS club is the mobile basketing device with GPS, modem and SIM card and can fully function without additional peripheral equipment.

Finally there is a solution for the clubs, no more dragging with those cables. No more network connections. No different software packages. No longer a printer connected that is also difficult to obtain. And no extra internet or wifi is needed at the basketing table.

No, 1 device with its own powerfull modem and its own master clock. And monitoring is possible on any device that can access the internet, including your smartphone!

The basketing itself, because no fancier equipment has to be synchronized and no impressions are made at the basketing table, basketing is considerably easier and faster. The basketing can also be followed online via the login of the club responsible and this can be perfectly displayed on a large screen (only information about the basketing itself is shown, fancier, ring numbers, totals).

The prints are automatically created in the cloud as PDF and can be viewed or printed by both the club and fancier. For the clubs there is even a tool to automatically print from 1 (or more) PC during basketing so that nobody has to do anything. A club can also decide that a physical print on paper is no longer neccesarry as all stays availlible in the cloud and so saving extra money.

And what about old devices? These can also simply bask and stall, they also get the benefits of the prints and their data is also immediately in the cloud. So we also make the older devices better. (requirement is that they work with master / slave units, software (standard on all BRICON clock software in most countries))

The price? Rental is the only option for the clubs because it concerns more than just the basketing antenna. This package includes:

  • The PASclub with GPS and modem with SIM.

  • Your data communication, always connected.

  • Access to PAS live club level with members overview, print management and linking table management.

  • Auto connection to the federation / association cloud.

  • Comprehensive guarantee, a defect of any kind is exchanged quickly and efficiently.

  • Price has been kept extra low for the clubs so that the use of the PASclub will be experienced as a money saver.