The 'Plug and Play' clock, connect to your existing BRICON antennas and it works! No operation needed, never erase and never has to go to the club. What more could you want?


The PASbox itself is a fully automated clock, connecting to the BRICON loft antennas is sufficient. Like all BRICON clocks, it gets its power from the antennas. At the top, left and right of the antenna cable, you have seen the connection for GPS (left) and GSM antenna (right) from the front view. On the clock screen you can see the signal strength, satellites and antennas found. But you can also see all this via your login in PASlive or via the PASapp. So no internet connection or other extras required, everything included and fully automatic.

You never have to delete this clock, everything is logged and you can do training again after 15 minutes. To clock pigeons from training after returning from a race it is only necessary to finalise this race in PASlive.

You do not take this clock with you to the club for basketing and strike off. All your prints (basketing lists and arrival lists) can always be found online in your personal PASlive environment. Via the PASlive you can also follow all the arrivals of your pigeons live, but also those of the past days and months. And you can filter this per loft or multiple lofts.

But with the PASapp you are even faster, it will inform you about your arrivals via push notifications and, as in PASlive, you can also see all arrivals here, both live and those from the past.

You can also add extra information to your pigeon table, personal pigeon info such as name or pedigree and you can assign each pigeon to a loft. You can also determine and add the loft names yourself.

You can also pre-appoint (designated) and fill in your race form via PASlive.

The price?

Because the PASbox and the PAS system as a total concept comprises much more than a clock alone, we have put this in an annual (subscription) formula where you can even opt for a monthly payment.

This package is provided and includes everything:

  • The PASbox with GPS, modem and SIM.

  • Your data communication, always connected.

  • Access to PAS-live with full management of your data.

  • Easy management of your loft list and pigeon table.

  • Personalization of your pigeon list possible.

  • Performance per pigeon. (not available in light version)

  • Link to existing pedigree programs. (not available in light version)

  • Unlimited number of pigeons. (light version = coupling table limited to 100 pigeons)

  • History of all arrivals, both race and training.

  • Consult all your race documents.

  • Follow the arrivals of your fellow club members with a PASbox.

  • All information can be consulted 24/7 and 365 days in a year.

  • Use of the PASapp with all its extra options.

  • Push notification so that your smartphone becomes the display that works everywhere, regardless of distance.

  • Automatic reporting of arrivals to the official registration sites.

  • Fewer trips necessary (automatic strike-off).

  • Basketing without a clock and never having to erase.

  • Faster completion of the basketing procedure, so shorter waiting times.

  • No extra (DUO) clocks needed. PASbox always keeps clocking regardless where you are.

  • Comprehensive guarantee, in case of a defect of any nature, exchanges are made quickly and efficiently.

  • 100% backup included of your race data. A replacement can be performed up to 5 minutes before arrival of the first pigeon. A replacement during a race is also possible but may take a few seconds from your arrivals (start up).

  • No more extra costs for software, battery or sorts.

We offer a cash back for your old clock or complete system that you can use to purchase new loft antennas or chip rings.
+ one-time deposit of 100 € that you will receive back by returning the device.